Your DIY kit

Painting your DIY Kit

Our DIY kits are super user friendly.  Here are some tips to help you get the best result possible. 

1. Your pieces are laser cuts - this means that the edges are burnt.  You may find residue on your fingers.  Completely normal. This won’t affect the outcome of your project. I do recommend if you are painting a light color use a lightly dampened paper towel and rub the edges to clean it off. 

I paint my kits with the white sponges. The key is painting in light coats to get a nice smooth finish.  You will need to do 2 coats light coats of paint, assess and maybe a a touch up where the coverage wasn’t full. 

Below are the listed kits. You can link to images of the project.  

If you purchased a kit that has paint, you’ll find a list of the colors provided if you want to pick up more.  Please see links below. 

Some kits will have a circle with an X on it - this is to support another piece it it overhangs.