About Noella & Co

Noella & Co is a one-woman show, with the support of my family - they are my sounding boards, cheerleaders, marketing support and most importantly the technical service support of my husband when my equipment fails me (or I fail it!). Everything is imagined, designed and handcrafted in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  

I love doing personalized products.  This comes from a lifetime of never finding anything with my name on it. This passion started young. This is the product that started it all. It was a special order, and probably took a month to receive.  While my store has many "ready-made" designs, I invite you to contact me for personalized items. 


First personalize item ever
circa 1980's

About Noella

If we’re going to be friends, you need to know that I love sarcasm and I have a fondness for the F-word (sorry mom). Gregory House, Raymond Reddington and Amy Duncan are my favorite (fake) people in the whole world. I hate horror movies, they give me nightmares, and it is quite likely that I will lose my coffee cup in the microwave 3 to 4 times a day…yes the same cup of coffee. My life philosophy (well maybe not my whole life philosphy) is that humor and laughter can overcome anything. Once in karate, I was told there is no laughing in karate. My answer was “I can either laugh or cry… you choose”… and then there was laughing in karate.